Monday, February 13, 2012

Beats Per Minute

Astor Place
Had a good check up this morning. We didn't get to see the baby, but we heard the heartbeat (140-150 bpm) and a kick on the doppler, so all good news.

My practice is in Soho, and you alternate visits between the doctors and midwives. This visit was incredibly brief, but in 10 days we have our first anatomy scan so that will be much more substantial.

Afterwards, I poked around Nolita and did a good bit of walking. It's one of those cold, blue-skied winter days when all the colors of the brick buildings (and strange street art) really pop. Between the appointment and the weather, it was hard not to feel optimistic.

I spent the rest of morning doing a few of my favorite things. I met a friend for lunch at Tartinery, I bought a travel guide on the Virgin islands for our upcoming trip, and I stopped into Blick Art Supplies on Bond Street to pick up three new photo albums.

Now to tackle the "organize the gazillion photos I've taken in the past 2 years" item on my pregnancy to do list.

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