Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Naked Face Project

Naked Face, 2010
A month ago, blogger Caitlin Boyle embarked on The Naked Face Project, a several month long experiment in beauty norms that has her eschewing makeup, shaving, and deodorant (among other things.)

A Southerner who explains she's never felt comfortable leaving the house without her "face" on, Boyle hopes that the project will help her figure out why she thinks the way she does about beauty. She also works with young girls as a running coach, so she wanted to be able to speak to them about beauty and confidence in a real way, and to do so, she felt like she needed to examine where her own attitudes came from.

Me in Makeup (our wedding day), 2012
Photo by Brian Wedge
When she announced the endeavor, I laughed. I am very familiar with this project.

In the comments, it seemed like the majority of the women felt like giving up makeup was a very bold step, though a few women noted that where they were from, in Denver or Portland, say, no one would blink twice (or even notice) if they went makeup free.

When I wear makeup to a wedding, say, 3 times a year, Will usually says something like "What's that on your face?"

Happily, I've been a participant in the naked face project for the better part of my 33 years.

When people discuss travelling with a blow dryer, I am perplexed. I air dry my hair unless I am at the hair dresser, which happens approximately twice a year.

Still, I think it's so interesting why women are conditioned to do what they do, and thought I'd share the products that make it into my daily ritual (which takes about four minutes.)

Having done some beauty reporting in my day, I've tried all the posh stuff and really do swear by these very simple brands.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
2. Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Treatment
3. St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub
4. Nature's Gate Chamomile Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner
5. Dove Ultimate Deodorant

That said, everyone has their indulgences and mine are regular facials, massages, not-regular-enough eyebrow waxing and highlights, plus pedicures. Oh, and I forgot the Blistex.

I guess I figure that if I am going to bare the goods, they may as well look as well as they can. I also do shave my legs, but am not at all freaked out if this happens once or twice a week.

When I do put makeup on, it does feel like dressing up, but I also feel a bit like I'm not really myself. I guess I think it's fun/amusing/interesting, in the same way that, say, a Halloween costume (hopefully not one of the slutty vampire variety) is interesting.

Sometimes I wish I were a little more high maintenance, but it's just not the way my brain works.

What do you think? What made you think the way you do about beauty rituals?

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  1. I think my mom is disappointed in my lack of a beauty ritual, but, really- I can't bring myself to care enough. Partly it's because I'm mad at all the health teachers who told me that acne would go away when I was through with puberty. Well, either I'm still a pubescent or they lied. So, Proactiv is my friend. But I rarely put make-up on past concealer. I also just don't really know how to do it and it doesn't seem a skill I'm likely to develop any time soon. At least not while there's anything else to do. That said, I'm uber impressed with people who know how to do fancy make-up and make it look effortless. And I think: I could do that. And then the liquid eyeliner comes off looking like I was getting ready for a football game. So, I'm happy if I brush my hair before I leave the house in the morning.


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