Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crazy Town

The Andy Warhol Monument, February 2012
I'm 15 weeks pregnant today. Photo to come once my hair dries out. It's one of those raw and rainy days when New York seems like a rather hostile environment. Lots of nuts on the L train. People getting impatient with me at every turn. The elements also conspired against me, making running errands quite daunting.

I did have a lovely lunch with a friend at ABC Carpet and Home and spent some good time wandering around the store contemplating quirky felt baby mobiles and gorgeous, sunny prints from John Robshaw.

Still, feeling like austerity is in order these days and did not indulge any of my zany nesting schemes.

Flagging a bit, energy-wise, this afternoon. May take a disco nap before I head out to The Waverly Inn to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. Hoping for a ludicrous celebrity sighting to go with my ludicrous $21 hamburger.

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