Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Dream of the 1890s

Oh man, this made me laugh. This afternoon I was at Bakeri, and saw two guys who definitely fit the bill. My first thought was, 'I wonder if they're Amish.' Then I remembered where I live.

Our bedroom window overlooks a backyard filled with chickens. Straight shaves abound. We recently had dinner at Isa, and an item on the menu included "dust."

I'd like to swear up and down that we don't buy into any of this, but Will's been making his own vinegar lately. A while back, we went to the Meat Hook and he had a very serious conversation with a bearded fellow about cloning a "mother." When he's not making vinegar, he's butchering pheasants he shot in New Jersey. Every time I open the fridge, a feather seems to pop out.


Thank god Fred Armisen is around to laugh at us.

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