Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dragon Babies

Pop the champagne...
It's been nearly seven months since my husband and I were married on a showstopping day in July on the coast of Maine.

Seven months that took us to Paris, Istanbul, London, and Prague and has had us planning even more improbable adventures; that had me grappling with the word "husband," which seemed to trip over my tongue even as it made me incredibly happy to say. In seven months, we've had our share of ordinary Brooklyn days as well, sleeping late, lusting over unattainable real estate, watching Breaking Bad in excess, or debating the merits of the lattes at the Verb versus those at Blue Bottle. All serious business and the sort of thing that two relatively untethered 30-somethings can discuss quite seriously.

For the record, we are Verb loyalists.

And, oh yeah, sometime in the last seven months, we also invented a new human.

My due date is August 9, 2012. The year of the dragon; the day after my 34th birthday. I am just about 14 weeks along, and in the phase I'll call terrified. Well, in any given day I swing from awe to terror and back again.

For most of the first trimester, I've hibernated as much as possible, but it's nearly 50 degrees in February, I'm beginning to feel like myself again, and some of the fog has lifted. Whatever innate creative energies I had, they were slumbering these past few months, but I can feel a pleasant little itch to get going again.

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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