Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Axel, 2013

So far, Axel has been a delightful travel companion. He's such a fun age at the moment and pretty adaptable. The secret to our success (at home and away, really) seems to be to take the travel cot practically everywhere. He's had some great al fresco naps while we've read by the pool or had dinner with friends, and it saves us from feeling like we are up against the clock. He's been a little jet lagged, sleeping from around 9 or 10 'til 9 the next day, which has meant we can usually include him in whatever dinner plans we've had.

We've also done pretty well with a lack of toys...the kitchen has been gleefully deconstructed several times.

We had one semi-ratty evening when we somehow got ourselves into a four course meal that started around 8, but fortunately the waitress was happy to let us finish up on the terrace, where Axel could crawl around in relative peace.

France seems quite baby friendly so far. The changing rooms in the airport were the nicest I've ever seen; there's even a mother and baby room on the train. And even at quite civilized restaurants, we're never greeted with an eye roll. People often say "Beau bebe" and leave it at that.

Our days have been spent exploring hilltop villages and the cobbles and steep steps haven't always been stroller-conducive, but Will's been working on his upper body strength carrying the bambino around quite a bit.

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