Friday, July 12, 2013


France, 2013

When I did an internship in Paris, er, thirteen years ago, I knew no one; on the weekends, I'd often put a pin in the map and head wherever sounded interesting that day...the Rodin Museum, Chartres, and Versailles, a place I kept going back to.

It sounds counterintuitive, because the chateau itself is so jam packed with tour groups. But the grounds  beyond it are huge and completely idyllic. There are spots where you don't see another soul for an hour, and tons of Parisians head there to ride bikes, picnic, and just soak up the sun in a gorgeous setting.

We walked and walked and walked and are now home, freshly showered. Definitely one of my favorite days of our trip so far so it's bittersweet that tomorrow is our last full day.

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