Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

Lots of changes around these parts. Oscar is army crawling like a fiend. To say I am not ready would be an understatement. I mean, he's so cute and determined about it, but I was just getting used to the whole 'I have a second child' thing when he was relatively stationary, bobbing around in his bouncer. Now I turn around for a split second and he's moved eight feet across the room.

As Oscar gets more interactive, Axel is getting a little more ornery about his little brother. He still says 'Don't cry Oscar' and will bring him the odd toy, but the other day I was reading him a book and as soon as he noticed Oscar crawling into position to get a view of the action, Axel started moving so that he would block Oscar's view. 'My book,' etc. So there's that.

All in all, he's been very brave about going to school, but he's definitely bottling up some of his nerves for later in the day or the weekend, freaking out when I am out of sight for a minute.

I had friends visiting this weekend and he was a little skeptical, almost like 'Don't leave me with anyone else!' I have been so proud of his transition to school but it's hard when I leave to see all these other kids crying as Axel plays independently (because the teachers are tending to the ones having meltdowns.) They keep telling me he's doing great, and I think he is, but I still know it's a big shift for him.

He's also a little worried as I'm trying to transition him away from bottles and completely onto sippy cups and regular cups, and he is none too thrilled about it.

I know we should have done it earlier, but when Oscar was born I was really conscious of not wanting to introduce any other big changes to Axel's routine. But now that he's two, and in school, I feel like it's time.

It's a bit sad though, as Axel has never really had a pacifier or a lovey and he definitely finds a good deal of comfort in his bottle. So last night and this morning there was a lot of harumphing and 'I need my bottle' and trying to move chairs so he could climb up to the cupboard and get one himself. There is no perfect time, but of course it's hard to see my generally well adjusted fellow feeling angsty and out of sorts.

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