Monday, September 1, 2014

Oscar: Six Months Old

Oscar, 2014
It's our little Ozzy's half birthday tomorrow.

The first six months have flown by, even more so than they did with Axel.

It's funny, though, when I look back at Oscar's first few days...his nut brown hair, his doll-like face...he doesn't even look like the same baby! He's changed so much since March.

Physically he is so so strong, and he is definitely further along in his mobility than Axel was at this stage. He rolls back and forth easily and can nearly press his whole body off of the floor as though he's getting ready to crawl. He gets easily restless, and is less placid than Axel was, though they are/were both very sociable, contented, 'easy' babies.

He's a stocky, solid little guy who loves to be carried and to feel like he's a part of things, and he has the sweetest, most sympathetic smile and these very limpid blue eyes. He's loving solids and he sleeps through the night every now and then, though not consistently (I am hoping this is down to the upheavals of travel and work, and that things will settle down soon.)

We adore him and I love seeing his relationship with Axel develop a little more each day. While he's quick to laugh, he's never more animated than when Axel tries to crack him up. I keep thinking how crazy it is that at Christmas he'll be 9 months old, and that by next spring and summer he'll be on the move. Ack!

Here's a look back at Oscar at five, four, three, two, and one month old. And here's Axel at six months.

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