Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School Days

Williamsburg, 2014

Well I could not be more proud of little Axel. He definitely tackled his first day of nursery with a seriousness of purpose, like he knew it was a big deal and wanted to figure out the rules of engagement.

In the run up to today, there have been get-to-know-your-classmates playdates and emails about cubbies (cubbies!) and even a home visit from his teachers.

Axel was uncharacteristically shy when his teachers came to see us this week, so I think he knew something was up. But today he charged happily into the classroom and seemed like he got the gist.

I'm excited for this new phase, since I know he'll have so much fun. Still, our whole family routine is shifting into gear...several days a week there will be an early morning walk to school, with a little packed lunch (eeek, I am not ready for that part.)

There's a schedule and notices about how it's a nut-free school and sunscreen and so on. It feels like we're crossing from baby into kid territory, and I love it, even as I'm a little anxious about all of the moving parts.

Ultimately I know he'll adore nursery, but it's a big shift, and one that had me tossing and turning a bit last night. It's also a change for me, from the office (where my most recent project just wrapped) back to free range, freelance life, which sounds idyllic but is a little scary as well.

Thank goodness for new suede toddler shoes.

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