Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oscar: Four Months Old

Oscar, 2014

Oscar is a substantial four months old today and is getting more and more mellow as the weeks go past (or maybe he just likes a vacation?)

He's also starting to laugh a little and is being a trooper about being handed from new person to new person, hanging out in bouncers in random corners of various rooms, and listening to lots of little kids gambol about.

With Axel, I have a vague memory that six weeks, three months, and four months were all big milestones where things started to get a little easier. I am not sure I've quite gotten the hang of this two babies gig just yet, but I did manage to go for a short twenty minute run yesterday, my first since before I was pregnant with Axel. Onwards and upwards? Where's the coffee?

Here's a peek back at his brother at the same age.

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