Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Grid

Maine, 2014

It feels really good to be at least a little bit off the grid up here. I'm far less attached to media and my goals for each day are pretty simple: keep everyone fed (even if its hot dogs), let Axel run around like a madman, do some laps, eat some oysters, stare out to sea, repeat.

It's amazing how being out in nature and by the water feels so calming and transformative. And how 'summer rules' put everything into perspective.

Sometimes I'm arbitrarily hard on myself about all of the little things that can go wrong in a day of parenting two little ones. So there's something liberating about having Axel ride home from the beach in a sweatshirt and swim diaper, covered in sand, and clearly happy as can be.

Goldfish crackers for lunch? Why not? n the big picture, all the stress of getting it right (whatever that means) is not worth it...as long as they are loved, and obviously they are, I'm happy to break the rules for a spell and to relax into the moment for a while.

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