Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach Day

Maine, 2014

I haven't taken much time to write posts up here as we've been so happily offline most of the time. I just scramble to upload a few photos so we'll remember how jam packed (in a good way) each day here has been. Axel is having so many new experiences and is developing by leaps and strides, jabbering away. Yesterday in the car he said 'I love mama, I love papa, I love Oscar." Melt! He's also counting to eleven and talking a lot about diggers, crocodiles, and bumble bees.

In just over three weeks here, I've also gotten considerably less wound up about his routine and the feeling that our sanity depends so much on sticking to it. Long live summer rules, I guess. I am still beyond tired much of the time, but somehow a little less on edge.

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