Thursday, February 5, 2015


Williamsburg, 2015

Obviously I have not been on top of the blog of late and there are a host of reasons.

Work, slush and snow and ice, boys bickering, Oscar becoming more toddlerish by the second, grey skies that mean we are not outside nearly enough and there are only so many pictures I can take of the same kid in the same chair with the same permanently runny nose!

I've been doing plenty of grumbling about New York in wintertime and struggling to push a stroller over the ice banks that are everywhere, fielding work calls and trying to figure out a suitably child-friendly activity when it's 9 degrees out. We've been watching a lot of Frozen. Obviously.

But I'm still here, hanging in there, counting down to our upcoming holiday which I am sure will be FAR more photogenic and creativity-inspiring than day to day life has been recently.

And I've been reading a few good passages about these baby-filled days that hit the nail on the head. Like this one and this one.

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