Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Williamsburg, 2015

Oh hello there. Eleven days 'til we leave for sunshine. (Bear with me, it's pretty much at the top of mind lately.)

I get ludicrously type A about packing for trips (and still sometimes fail to bring diapers) so when I haven't been madly trying to tackle my work deadlines I have been organizing lots of piles of tiny sun hats, swim vests, shorts, and new T-shirts for the boys.

I think we are all nature-starved, color-starved, and fresh-air starved so even though I'm a bit daunted by the travel I think it will be well worth it just to put our toes in the sand and see the turquoise water.

Poor Ozzy was so little this past summer he couldn't really crawl in the grass or experience the sea so I can't wait to see his reaction especially.

We have to remember to pack a few little birthday presents for the big 1st birthday as well (though I have a feeling a lick of ice cream and plenty of time crawling outside will do just fine.)

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