Thursday, February 5, 2015

Axel: Two and a Half

Axel, 2015

The other day, I was pouring myself a glass of wine as I cooked dinner (Will was out) and Axel said, "Mama, are you having a party?"

He loves making paper airplanes and origami boats and watching Youtube videos of space ship launches with his papa.

On the way to school he'll say, "Not the green stroller, let's take a space rocket!"

He's missing our Christmas tree quite a bit, and sometimes says forlornly, "There's no more trees in the house."

Occasionally when someone refers to Oscar as his little brother, he'll say "Ozzy's not my brother!"

Other times he says, "Ozzy's funny." Then they'll push each other out of the way or grab each other's toys and shriek. And repeat.

If you notice long gaps between posts over here it's because he occasionally likes to do things like "hide" my camera's memory card in the laptop's disk drive. Oh, so that's what that rattling noise was. He's also prone to shredding books and taking things out of his closet in the wee hours of the morning.

What a jokester!

He especially likes to hang out at home these days, and transitions to school or swimming or a new activity can be tough (he likes to say "It's not fun!")

It's not that I think he doesn't like school, I think it just takes a lot out of him to sit still and be so structured. Makes me glad he's only in nursery three days a week and does get those more relaxed days of playing at home.

He's also a tough guy to feed. Meatballs, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, rasberries. Repeat. He weighs about 31 pounds and is stretching out by the day.

He really likes adding the word anyways to sentences, as in (at bedtime): "Don't go, anyways," or (to avoid putting on his coat.) "I can't wear my coat, anyways."

Curious George and Cars are quite popular around these parts lately.

He is happiest when on the run, full of mischief, and very verbal. Needless to say, we love him to bits.

And here's a look back at Axel at two, eighteen months, one, and brand new.

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