Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eighteen Months

Axel, 2014

Back when Axel was in the single digit months, eighteen months seemed so....old! But this week, he'll be a year and a half old! I know I'm a few days early, but we're definitely toddler territory.

In the last month or so his comprehension and ability to communicate has completely exploded. It would be a real stretch to say we have proper conversations, but he has so many words and seems to understand nearly everything we say to him so it really feels that way to me.

New Words: Please, Choo Choo, Book, Nana (Banana), Stop, Stuck, Tanktoo (Thankyou), DiDoor (Dinosaur), Fish, Tati (Taxi), Me-ball (Meatball), Light, Mine, Caw-Caw, Penguin, Ap-Sauce (Applesauce), Happy, Sea-face (Sealface, our cat.) He can also say his name but it sounds more like Ack-el than Axel at the moment! All the talking definitely feels like a breakthrough and also a new phase in our relationship. We've been talking a bit more about babies, and today he gave my belly a kiss, which was so sweet.

Favorite activities: Jumping (it's a bit uncoordinated at this point, but he certainly gives it his all.) Books! Finally, our squirmy fellow will happily sit through books at bedtime and will bring us books throughout the day. Sometimes I'll leave a board book in his crib and he'll wake up in the morning and "read" to himself. It's so cute. Overall, he really seems to have a plan and relish playing. Playing is serious business around here. He follows Will around like a little duckling, and loves going with him to put the recycling in the trash room or helping to unload the dishwasher (helping being a relative term.)

Basically...we're smitten.

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