Saturday, February 22, 2014

39 Weeks

Williamsburg, 2014

And still here....this is my "Let this be the last bump photo for...quite some time!" expression.

We walked a few miles to the end of Franklin Avenue in Greenpoint, grabbed coffee at this new Norwegian coffee place, Budin, and then had brunch at Enid's, where we bumped into some of Axel's little friends and their parents. It feels insanely good to be in the sunshine and out walking, even if there are still icebergs on virtually every curb.

I haven't had much to report all week, mainly just frustration, since I am very ready to not be pregnant and getting tired of planning like in tentative 24-hour increments.

People who have more than one child often told me "Doesn't it just race by?" or "You're so distracted by your first child that you barely realize you're pregnant." I'd say this was largely true up until about 32 or 34 weeks along. In the early stages of my pregnancy, I was definitely distracted by day-to-day life and less obsessed with every milestone.

Lately, things have sloooooowed way down and it started to feel like I'd been pregnant since 2011 (the two pregnancies kind of blurring together.) I breastfed for 6 1/2 months and was pregnant again by the time Axel was around 9 months old, feels like a long time since my body has been my own. I'm having a pretty text book pregnancy, but at this stage I feel pretty cranky. It was nice to distract myself this morning with some warmer weather and just hanging out with my two guys.

Anyway, here I am at 39 weeks barefoot and pregnant with Axel. And here we were on his due date.

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