Monday, February 24, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

I guess this baby is waiting for a spring-ier birthday?

While we've been in limbo, I've been seeing friends, compulsively reading February 2014 birth month message boards (sigh! Could this be a March baby?), and finding my attention span to be totally non-existent.

I was kind of trying to describe the waiting game the other day. It's like being told your alarm might ring at 3 in the morning, or at any time, really, and you'll have to go bungee jumping and then run a marathon you haven't trained for because you've been 9 months pregnant. For seemingly ever. When that's the case, it's kind of hard to know what to do with your day. Sleep, drink Gatorade, stretch, pair socks? Be antisocial so you can prepare yourself for the task ahead, or carry on as usual? Talk about the weather?

I wouldn't like to be induced and doubt it will come to that, but I can certainly see the appeal of knowing "On such and such a day, I will have this baby..."

The funny part is that Will keeps bulk cooking things to save and freeze for when the baby is here, and then we find ourselves waiting around, throwing up our hands, and eating our rations for dinner. Every night I get some contractions, which of course screws with my mind and is apparently typical in second pregnancies? I didn't really have any sort of preamble like that with Axel, I just woke up and knew I was in labor.

Am trying to think of the plusses to being pregnant longer than expected, like the fact that Axel will be closer to 19 months old when his brother arrives and is getting that much more verbal and easier to understand.

Also enjoying these posts about the first few weeks of life with a newborn from Hither and Thither and Style by Emily Henderson.

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