Friday, February 14, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

New York in the snow sounds really romantic, in theory, and when the snow was first falling yesterday morning, being up high in our apartment was a bit like being in a snow globe. In practice, and especially the next day, it looks a lot like this. Axel and I had a snow day home together yesterday, and I keep trying to remind myself that the longer this baby stays put the closer we'll be to warmer temperatures when he arrives. Right?

Will has been working a lot in preparation for his paternity leave, and every weekend we vow to do fun city-ish things like take Axel to the Natural History Museum, only to find our plans seem less than ideal because there's been another epic storm. It's completely boring to moan about it, but I am itching for that first weekend when we can get back to the playground and spend all day outside and appreciate the city once again.

I am so close to my due date and the uncertainty of it all is driving me a little crazy. I don't quite know whether to hunker down and get rest or to carry on as usual...I think I have a week or two more left, but it's impossible for me not to over-analyze theories about whether second babies come sooner or whether the full moon or the next low pressure system could possibly trigger labor. As I was joking to Will, I hate surprises! If I can find some kind of pseudo-science to hang on to, I'll take it.

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