Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's See...

Williamsburg, 2014
No baby yet!

I've been slightly quiet on the blog (busy weekend) which may have something to do with the flurry of E-mails I've received asking me if the baby is en route. Well....not that I know of.

We just had a lot of activity over the weekend between the Olympics opening ceremony (I am obsessed with the Winter Olympics), the usual Axel wrangling, and a night out on Saturday which included a stop at the very excellent Pies and Thighs. How is it possible that this was our first visit? We then went to a party full of twenty-somethings and I felt very old and very pregnant! There were temporary tattoos and Blow Pops and drinking games. Needless to say, I felt slightly like a fish out of water.

We also took Axel to a trial Kick and Play soccer class which was very cute. He so loves participating in classes, and stares very intently at the instructor while he tries to work out the rules. His expression during the whole thing wavered between "This is the best day of my life!" and "What am I doing here?" He'd then wander off to some corner and forget entirely that we were in a class. It's very cute.

Don't know that we will sign him up as it's hard to know whether a structured weekly appointment will create or relieve stress in the coming months, but it was a good way to pass a Sunday morning.

We also found out that Axel got into our first choice of pre-school for next September. Um, not that I had been worrying obsessively over that or anything. Hahahahaha.

Okay, I was kind of obsessing. It's somewhat true what they say about pre-school in New York. Even in our relatively low key neighborhood, people line up on the day applications come out (a year in advance of the date you want to enroll.) I applied on day one or two, but as the days went past without hearing from the school, I started to hear more and more from parents who had gotten their acceptances and thought, Eeeeek....I have failed my first challenge.

Will of course has been very rational, talking me down from the pre-school precipice, and pointing out that even if he didn't get in, he's after all just a baby. But then I'd have to go through the whole nail biting process again in September for a 2015 start, all the while fretting that there'd be 100 parents more neurotic than I am lined up at dawn, pistols drawn!

So, that's what we've been up to lately. Waiting on bambino and riding out the last of winter. Please say it's nearly the last of winter...

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