Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sixteen Months

Axel, 2013

So much going on with this little guy. In the last month, he's become a very talkative fellow. Now he says (in no particular order): Uh Oh, Hi, Boo, Shoes, Mah (More), Bah (Ball), Bye Bye, Night Night, Baby, Up, Thank you (ish), Mummy, Papa, Peppa, Na (No), Ar (Orange) & Out. Also Appoo (for both Apple and Open.)

Lots more sixteen month photos to come as we are having out annual tree-trimming party today.

And here's a look back at Fifteen Months Old, (we skipped fourteen), Thirteen Months OldTwelve Months OldEleven Months Old, and more:

Nine Months Old
Eight Months Old
Seven Months Old

The first six months:

Six Months Old
Five Months Old
Four Months Old
Three Months Old
Two Months Old
One Month Old

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