Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two Years Old

Maine, 2014

Little Axel is two today!

I can't help but be a bit sad that his babyness is mostly behind us now, even as I'm excited to see him grow and change. He's so aware of everything that's going on these days and I feel more and more that I can almost have a proper conversation with him.

He definitely understands the concept of birthdays, or parties at least. The other day he saw a wrapped gift on the hall table and said 'birthday present!' so I had to hide it in a closet. He's been practicing saying 'Two years old,' though sometimes he claims he is three.

We had a party for him with his cousins this afternoon, and he had a blast, that is until I tried to persuade him to eat birthday cake, of all things (he's now sleeping off the excitement of it all)...

Here's a look back at Axel at one...

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