Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meeting of the Minds

Axel, 2012

So we need not have worried about Sealface and Axel.

Sealface has been largely indifferent and totally mellow about this new baby situation. When I was pregnant, I did sort of wonder how we'd keep the cats out of the crib and just how curious they'd be about the bambino. So far, not curious at all. Axel sleeps with us in our room in his bassinet, and I decided not to worry about closing the door to keep the meows out since that would mean more upheaval for them. Sealface has mostly decamped to the living room but occasionally sleeps at Will's feet and the arrangement seems just fine. Dustskulker is her usual, remote self and also seems pretty indifferent. Overall, I think they know he's a little human and that he's one of us.

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