Friday, August 17, 2012


Axel, 2012

Our two days of road tripping it went pretty smoothly. Axel slept in the car for both legs of the trip and we enjoyed our overnight in Boston. He met his 7 week-old cousin Charles (you can see they got along swimmingly.)

He also took his first bath. I got into the tub and Will handed Axel to me and he was instantly blissed out by the warm water...he obviously takes after his mother. Afterwards, he got a full body massage with coconut oil and has been smelling delicious ever since.

When we got to Maine, in the midst of an epic downpour, he was a little overstimulated from meeting all of his extended family, but by 1 a..m he had settled down to sleep. I am toasting the fact that the three of us made it in one piece with Advil and coffee. Looking out at the ocean as I type!

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  1. I can hardly stand to look at these sweet photos I want to meet my little boy so much!


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