Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Close Up

Axel, 2012

This morning, we had a visit from portrait photographer Jami Saunders, who took some pictures of Axel and the three of us. This shot above is from my dinky camera so her images will be much better, but I couldn't resist a sneak preview. He was an excellent model and I can't wait to show off the final pictures. I've worked with Jami on magazine shoots in the past and she's fabulous.

Since I am usually the one behind the camera, it was also great to get some of the two of us. In anticipation of this morning I actually managed to get a manicure and put on some makeup and jewelry. Amazing.

Axel, 2012

Other than that, today we are going to have BLTs for lunch and then get down to packing up our family caravan for the ride north. The little one has been practicing his smiles.

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