Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So So Hangry

Maine, Axel, 2012

Maine is almost cartoonishly lovely at the moment. Breezy, blue skies, the sound of the lapping water...and the dulcet tones of our screaming, hangry baby echoing across the Cove.

Just kidding. Sort of. Mostly, Axel is cartoonishly lovely as well. Except when he oversleeps and awakens to discover that he is ravenously, desperately hungry and we are clearly STARVING him.

Our pediatrician adheres to the "never wake a sleeping baby" maxim, but occasionally Axel gets so cozy and comfy sleeping that when he does wake up he wants to eat incessantly for hours on end. Which is lots of fun for his mama. He balls himself up, clenches every muscle in his tiny body, turns bright red, and belts it out for a while. By this point, he is so furious he can hardly find my nipple and it takes quite a while to get him to chill out and focus. It's both nerve-rattling and endearing all at once.

Yesterday was one of those nerve-rattling days. No matter how many people tell you that newborns have no set schedule or rhythm, it's hard not to read into every little thing and try to discern patterns. But just when you think, "Oh, he usually takes a 2 hour nap around our dinner time," all hell breaks loose and he decides to upend the pattern and stay awake fussing for 8 hours straight, leaving you totally confused and frazzled. So we are taking it one day at a time up here.

Fortunately today he has been much more mellow and allowed us to have a very relaxing day puttering around the coast for lunch with my mom and errands in Damariscotta.

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