Monday, March 9, 2015


Eleuthera, 2015

I was back in an office today, in Midtown, with views of gleaming skyscrapers and everyone bustling through the streets in a grand mood because it's 50 degrees here. It's very surreal to be back, but I am feeling quite positive about the next few months and spring in the city.

We did so much organizing before this trip, and schlepping of gear, and baby carrying, and getting up at all hours with babies who were not in their usual beds, but truly it was so worthwhile. I feel like both boys grew about two inches and that their understanding of the world expanded immensely. I'm gad to suffer from the travel bug, even when a saner person might decide to stick closer to home with two toddlers.

It was good to be reminded that there are other places out there, beyond the hustle and hassle of New York. And it's always a pleasant surprise to come home and find that I still love it tremendously. Still, I am sad to be back in a cubicle, even if it's just for a short project. I loved being outside from nearly dawn 'til dusk and so physically active all day long.

Here's to hoping this warm-ish spell lasts and we can start going for long family walks and adventures again here.

I am meaning to write up a little guide to our visit, and soon. For now I'm holding down the fort while Will is away on a work trip and am busy settling back in at home.

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