Friday, September 4, 2015

Blog Thoughts

Williamsburg, 2015
I noticed the other day that I am approaching 1000 posts here and I've been posting for nearly four years.

While I haven't done as many service-y, "you need this for your six-month-old" or "how I introduced solids" type posts of late, I would like to spend a bit more time here, writing slightly more substantial posts.

I think in the early days I had some notions that I might turn this space into a lifestyle blog for Williamsburg parents, and an extension of my writing elsewhere. Yes, taking a peek at how other families do things is inherently interesting, even if the details aren't art directed, and hearing sage advice from other writers is heartening. I love reading those useful, curated posts by mothers who also happen to be stylists or magazine writers, just as I love to discover obscure European baby clothes labels I will never actually buy because there is no way I am letting my kids wear $175 cashmere sweaters. This fall, it's all about Zara kids over here.

But generally I just don't feel like doling out advice to anyone. However you are faring, good on you! I am not going to take pictures of the creative lunches I make for my kids, because yours are probably far better as it is, and while I love beautiful pictures, I don't want to spread the false notion that I have it all figured out.

As it is, I love having a chronicle of the kids' milestones, even just to share among family and friends. I love capturing some of the quirks of the neighborhood, and occasionally passing on notes about my favorite places, and pondering why city life is unexpectedly kid friendly. I am always happy to help point other local parents in the right direction of they are researching pre-natal yoga or baby music classes or wondering about random day trips within range of New York.

During the coming months, and over my upcoming maternity leave, I hope to expand on a bit of that, while still posting the usual snapshots from our life in Brooklyn, Maine, and beyond. I may even do a few more food and travel-related posts, while cleaning up my archives.

Don't worry, I am not going to start giving you a complex with scenes of Frida Kahlo-themed kids' birthday parties (you can go here for that.) But I do hope to write a little more.

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