Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall

Williamsburg, 2015

The equinox is here! I think that's supposed to mean that we settle back into a routine here and start bringing out the decorative gourds and making soup, but mostly we've been dodging injuries, potty training, and trying to prepare for the added chaos coming down the road...

This pregnancy has been so different. Correction: medically speaking it's been the same, which is to say uneventful. I seem to be very fortunate in that regard.

The physical aspect of wrangling two young ones while pregnant, however, has been tough. Thank goodness for Will and his upper body strength. I do think the third baby (in under four years) is hard on your body; how can it not be?

But overall I feel more centered (and less anxious) about my pregnancy and about all the big questions of whether-or-not-and-just-how-much to work.

Even as my freelance ebbs and flows around my self-imposed maternity leaves, I've come to realize that it's a no brainer for me to keep plugging away with my career. A few years back I didn't know how I would approach things; whether full time made sense, whether I was doing enough or too little. But yes, work has been a grounding force in my life for the most part and I feel like we've gotten the hang of that. 

Of course, about twice a week, the kids do something terrifying that shakes my very foundations and I am back to square one, questioning all of the above. But having two rambunctious, accident-prone toddlers certainly distracts me from worries about the baby I'm carrying. 

And this is not to say I haven't been my usual pregnant self; tired, prickly, especially sensitive to every mood shift around me and not especially productive. I am also spacey and hazy and keep forgetting words for things, which is probably a sign that I should be winding things down, work-wise, for the newborn phase to come. 

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