Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Tortola and St. John, 2016

Did I mention the sobbing, screen time, and sleepless nights?

I feel I should add a disclaimer that we had our highs and our lows this trip (lest anyone think we were just wafting around collecting sea shells. Or 'sea shelfs' as Ozzy calls them.) And we brought our nanny, who made it all that much more doable, but it was still hard at times, especially when trying to hop on and off of ferries, clear immigration, and wrangle all the bags and babies in the humid heat.

The kids had zero interest in appearing in a full family photo, as you can tell. So much to look at, so little time.

But I hope somewhere in their little brains the memory or running wild at the beach, finding hermit crabs, and listening to the crashing waves stays with them, and when they look back at these pictures they'll have a laugh. And I'm glad we're still brave enough for a big adventure every now and then.

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