Tuesday, April 5, 2016

St. John

St. John, 2016

I dug the low key, boho vibe of Tortola, but with an extra day to spare we headed back to the U.S. Virgin Islands and made a very luxurious pit stop at Caneel Bay, which might just be the nicest hotel I've ever been to!

We'd been before for lunch and drinks (and skulked around on their main beach for a day), but this was our first visit as guests and I was pretty spellbound. It's not flashy or grand, but the scope of the property is just spectacular, and they were lovely to the kids. When we arrived, Axel and Ozzy each got a special delivery of sand toys for use during our stay. Bo was also very pleased with his resort casual attire.

I loved Scott Beach, the rum cocktails, afternoon tea on the terrace overlooking Turtle Beach, the king-size beds with fluffy white duvets, and dinner at Zozo's, but the boys mainly loved the foot showers. And so it goes.

There were a few moments when I worried we were spoiling someone else's romantic getaway with our three ragamuffins in tow, but the property is so sprawling there's really enough room for everyone (and the staff does a graceful job of seating toddlers at a safe distance from honeymooners.)

On the day we left Axel was in a real sulk, saying he never wanted to leave our new home. A boy after my own hotel-loving heart.

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