Friday, January 6, 2017

Jolly Old England

England, 2017

Just home from our first big, ambitious trip to the UK with all three boys (well, the Virgin Islands was ambitious too but this time we crossed an ocean and Bo was on the move)!

And all in it was a success, even if they never adapted to the time zone and were swinging from the rafters until 11 p.m., bless them. Sleep antics aside, I think they all got a taste of English country life, visiting Hampton Court Palace, feeding sheep, and taking muddy, frosty walks to the pub. We spent most of our time in Surrey near their aunt, uncle, and cousins, but we did dip into London for a few days so they had a glimpse of their first double decker buses and a tube ride.

The flights were...interesting, but now that we've all had a night to sleep in our own beds I can feel my sense of humor returning.

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