Sunday, December 30, 2012


London, 2012

Starting to feel a bit homesick (and tired of living out of a suitcase.)

Will and I keep joking that given how much we have both travelled we should really be a bit more expert by now.

And the stuff! We brought so much that our poor suitcases might need to be retired when we get home. And yet I never seem to have just what I need at hand.

I seem to be perpetually searching for a missing baby sock or hair brush or computer charger or giraffe teether or contact case.  Not to say that this doesn't happen back in Brooklyn, but at least there I have some semblance of a system in place to combat my disorganization.

Axel has been a trooper with all of the disruptions to his routine, and I know that when the next trip pops up on the horizon we will undoubtedly say yes. But I do feel a bit badly when we are carting him around without a lot of down time. I suppose that's because I require a lot of down time, and when you are visiting family you generally don't come by a lot of it.

I think this globetrotting just takes it out of us.

The funny thing is that I always find travel a bit like this. I am always the one with some ginormous Moroccan side table in my carry on luggage, wondering if I've lost my mind, swearing I will not push myself to the limits the next time. And yet I never seem to learn to pare things down (the stuff or the schedule.) A glutton for punishment, perhaps?

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