Saturday, December 29, 2012


London, 2012

After a week or so in the country, Will and I were feeling a little antsy for some urban exploration.

We sort of threw a pin at the map and spent Friday exploring the area around Hoxton Square, which really reminded me of Williamsburg.

Lots of pop up shops, converted old warehouses, and fancy / scruffy barber shops. I felt right at home. London can be so disconcertingly twee and tweedy (when you stick to the west, that is.) So it was sort of interesting seeing a place that paralleled Brooklyn so exactly.

We only had a few hours, but poked our heads into a great clothing shop and cafe called Aida, a restaurant called the Tramshed, and saw tons of cool little boutiques. It definitely seems like one of those neighborhoods where local knowledge would be a big help, but that's sort of part of the fun.

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