Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Festive, Foggy London

London, 2012

Earlier in the week I was busy wrapping up the presents we (bravely? ill-advisedly?) lugged across the ocean and bustling to a few meetings with some English editors for work.

Axel's grandparents babysat while I did a little bit of last minute shopping as well.

For whatever reason, I find (window) shopping in London so much more fun than in New York.

Perhaps it's just that everything is new to me, but I love all the cozy wares at Jigsaw, the fabulous cook books at any old book shop, the pretty little tea tins in the traditional food halls...and, of course, the children's wares.

Axel really doesn't need any new clothes right this second, but wandering around the city set me off on a nostalgic English clothing kick and I couldn't help squealing over these little boys' rain boots from Hatley and admiring this handsome little rain coat from Seasalt. Tomorrow, we're heading to Notting Hill for more perusing.

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