Friday, December 14, 2012

We Made It

Scotland, 2012

After eleven or so years, Scotland feels mostly unchanged. The same boiling hot tea and lilting accents and chilly high-ceilinged rooms and quiet cobbled streets.

Yesterday we landed in Glasgow and then drove to St. Andrews, where Will and I first met (we got lucky on the flight as there was an extra seat between us, so Axel snoozed most of the way in his car seat.) En route, there was frost on the ground and cold looking sheep and small stone cottages; when we arrived, the town felt incredibly familiar.

There are some newer, slicker chain shops, but aside from that it still feels like the sort of place that's in your bones. I suppose university is such a formative time it can't help but make its imprint on you.

The baby is still on New York time so we are having a lazy morning at our hotel before meeting a friend to walk around town. I think when you travel with the littles you are somewhat at their mercy, and it's an adjustment to wrap your head around a slower tempo. But he got his first passport stamp and has been an all around stellar fellow.

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