Thursday, February 21, 2013

Social Creature

Axel, 2013

Every day when I am at work, our nanny sends me a picture of some of Axel's daily shenanigans. As much as I sometimes miss being there with him at the library or playgroup or on the walk with him, it's also nice to see him navigating his own social world and relishing new experiences.

Would I have the patience to go to baby sing-a-longs day in and day out? I'm not sure. As it is, I get a kick out of doing those things when we are together, but I do appreciate having a grown up realm outside of babyland as well.

So far, at six and a half months, we haven't had many hints of separation anxiety. He loves new people and is as happy as can be when he is out of the house and in a new environment. Maybe it's around the corner? Maybe it's a temperament thing? Either way, it's nice to see how amused he is when someone chats to him in a coffee shop or when he sees another baby.

Part of my motivation to be working is seeing how much he gets out of having another caregiver, being exposed to another language, and having someone with fresh energy take over when I am trying to juggle this and that on my laptop or take care of life admin.

Because we have a nanny I feel like he gets 100% more often than he would if I were permanently at home. I also feel like I ave more stamina in the mornings, say, when we play from 7 'til 9:30, knowing that at some point I will hop in the shower and head out the door. He gives me a big grin when he sees me at night, but I'm really not sure he misses me much while we are apart.

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