Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Wrap

Williamsburg, 2013

And, that's a wrap.

I survived working for ten days straight and am home today! I had almost forgotten what it feels like to wake up without having to immediately hand the baby to Will and race out the door.

We also had great news regarding the results from Axel's MRI (and no nasty surprises.)

From my 16 week scan, doctors were concerned that Axel could have an encephalocele, which would mean that there was a pinhole-sized opening in his skull and that his cyst would thus require more complicated brain surgery. It's something we knew was a possibility early on, but it made my pregnancy somewhat stressful as I had to have extra scans and was constantly faced with the worry the baby could be facing a major operation.

Once Axel was born, it seemed hard to believe that his cyst could be affecting his brain (since his development has been so on track), but of course I am not a doctor and there was always a lingering worry. There were plenty of times I fell down the "Web MD" rabbit hole, reading up on all of the things it might be and what that could mean. The worry was compounded by the fact that it was recommended that we wait until Axel was 6 months old to get an MRI with sedation. I am sure if they felt it was urgent, it could have happened sooner, but not really having any answers when people expressed concern was tough.

Instead, our MRI confirmed that it's a dermoid cyst (something the pediatric neurosurgeon said was a possibility), which is basically a fluid filled sac that is superficial, and can be removed very easily. It's still surgery, but all in all it's less frightening. We have a follow up to go over the results in about a week and will most likely schedule surgery for March.

So! A happy week around these parts, and I am spending Valentine's Day around the neighborhood, recuperating. I even have a massage booked!

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