Monday, February 11, 2013

MRI Update

Axel, 2013

We woke up at 5:45 this morning so we could take Axel to get his MRI.

I am so relieved to report that it went really well. They got the images they needed, and he didn't have to have full general anaesthetic after all. They were instead able to give him an oral medication that conked him out for the 45 minutes or so, so no IV, and a lot less anxiety for me and Will.

It's been quite the process getting this test. Our doctor first ordered that it be attempted without sedation, when Axel was about 3 months old, but he startled in the machine and we had to reschedule (they suggested we do so when he was 6 months old, since babies that age tolerate sedation better.)

Late last month, we had to cancel that second appointment because Axel had a cold; our doctor's office told us the next available appointment was in March. But earlier this week, after some pressing on our part, they found today's slot for us.

The appointment was easier than I had expected it to be. Axel played with one of the hospital toys while we were admitted, then drank a syringe full of a nasty tasting liquid, cried a bit, and fell asleep in my arms. When we were allowed to come back and see him in recovery, he was wide awake (with sheet marks on his face from where they bundled him into the machine, looking rumpled but completely like himself.) We stayed there until they had checked him out and he had taken a bottle, and then we all bundled ourselves back into the car.

The next step is surgery (we needed the MRI to get a proper diagnosis and to schedule it), but somehow, this limbo has been the worst of it. It's nice to feel that we're making forward progress and I felt like a weight was off of my shoulders today.

Axel, 2013

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