Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Few Things

Williamsburg, 2014

I've been reading a few things that I've enjoyed lately. I have big dreams of finishing The Goldfinch someday soon but we'll have to see about that. My attention span...what was I saying?

In the mean time, there's this very old article, on being an older father (but it's really about parenthood in general.) Plus this piece, on having "enough" and this one, on teenagers.

Axel has a lot to say lately too, though some of his favorite words du jour are almost indistinguishable (Stuck / Stop / Duck / Sock.) He likes to practice a lot of his words, and it's not always in context, like last night at 4 a.m. when he woke up chattering away, "Stuck stuck stuck." He was not stuck, but it was pretty cute.

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