Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dinner Dilemma

Williamsburg, 2014

Ha, this pice, 'What if You Just Hate Making Dinner?' has been making the rounds for a while, but it definitely made me laugh.

I love food blogs and cook books with gorgeous photos of heirloom vegetables scattered over bread boards and all of the rest of it, but realistically? It's been a week of big deadlines and sick babies and ordering from Seamless, even though we also get Blue Apron deliveries and could in theory make something from scratch in about 30 minutes.

On the one hand, we're lucky to live in range of some wonderful delivery options. On the other hand, there is this sense that if you aren't making a wholesome meal every day you're failing in some kind of measure.

Still, that half an hour a day when we're supposed to be roasting Cornish game hens or somesuch happens to be when both boys are clamoring attention, so in order to cook I have to slap on Peppa Pig, and what do you know, I'm not supposed to do that either.

So which is it? Screen time, or dinner?

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