Sunday, August 16, 2015


Brooklyn, 2015

Apart from the fact that it's broiling, baking, and unbearably hot here, it's been wonderful to be home and we are indeed straight back into it: work, haircuts, a date to Kings County Imperial, rooftop antics, and a trip to Jacob Riis beach in the Rockaways.

After a time away, it feels really exciting to be back in the city, with so much visual stimulation (even while it is a bit of a culture shock.) So many people, so many things to take in. I think it's a good thing when you are away for long enough that you miss your day to day life; and what a fun, bizarre, and full throttle place Brooklyn is to come home to.

The boys were back in their groove immediately, and seemed very happy to be reunited with their toys and routine, such as it is. My current mood? Sunstruck.

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