Friday, January 22, 2016


Williamsburg, 2016

Planning on cozying up inside for the blizzard that's about to hit New York, making soup, and tucking into this stack of books beside our bed. Hahahaha, just kidding! We have three children under the age of three-and-a-half, and though I have the best of intentions to read more in 2016, it's not likely to happen this weekend.

Still, I feel like we are inching our way towards normal here. Is 'normal' the right word? I suppose I just mean that it feels natural to have three little ones. I mean, every day is still a roller coaster. The older boys have been adjusting so well, but they're quite tiny and have a lot of big emotional needs.

And I keep getting walloped by one illness after the next. I haven't written much about day to day life here lately, but between the posts accompanied by lovely photos of a sleeping baby I've had a cold, pink eye, and gastroenteritis. I guess my immune system is just fried.

I'm feeling well today, though, and excited for the big storm. And I've heard many of the books pictured here are worth a read (someday.) I feel like someone could draw quite a funny psychological profile of me from this stack.

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