Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Off We Go

Oscar, 2016

Prince George is off to nursery school, and so is Oscar.

This week, I think it's finally dawning on me just how full life is with three little boys and their various appointments, classes, and needs (and I swear we're not just oversubscribed.) There are a lot of us now...which means bulk quantities of diapers, blueberries, and the vague feeling that I am a soccer mom (without the soccer), ferrying this one here and that one there. Like this morning: pancakes were consumed, arguments were had about getting dressed, Cheerios were spilled, and Bo had his one month check up, clocking in at nine pounds, 12 ounces. It's going by so quickly.

Anyway, Oscar, who was a baby about five minutes ago, is now attending a little nursery school two half days a week. Bo and I went with him for his first 'transition day' earlier this week, and while O. seemed a little confused, he was pretty cheerful about the experience.

Yes, that is him pushing another kid into a pillow. Playfully...we think.

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