Thursday, June 14, 2012

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More from the research trenches today!

I haven't seen any construction at the site of the new Whole Foods, so that might take some time. Plus there are some snags in the plans for Bushwick Inlet Park, which is a shame.

But! There is so much afoot in the neighborhood that I'm excited about. The McCarren Park Pool, which I've gone on and on about before, opens on the 28th. I will be there as much as I possibly can until baby arrives. Then, there's a new movie theatre coming our way (late summer or early fall.) Nighthawk, which offers Parents & Babies movie screenings (see below), is amazing but I think it's awesome to have more options. We usually go to Union Square if we want to see a big blockbuster, but when bambino is here that might be annoying.

On the kiddo front, I just checked out the most recent issue of WG (a free local paper covering happenings in Williamsburg and Greenpoint), and there's some great info on resources for parents and children in the nabe. The story isn't online for some reason, so I've culled some ideas from it below for babies and new moms and added them to my resources list (a lot of the info is for older kids so I left that out for now.) All credit is due to my former neighbor and fellow reporter, Shana Liebman!

1) Farm to Baby
Love this small business idea. You can sign up for delivery of homemade, seasonal organic baby food. Plans start at $35 a week for babies 4 months and older.

2) Mighty Mamas and Baby Boot Camp
Two group workout options for new mothers (babies too.) Mighty Mamas meets in McCarren park, while Baby Boot Camp uses space at Caribou Baby and the Betz Method Space just off the park for their class Strollfit.

3) Diaper Kind
An eco-friendly cloth diaper laundry service that services Williamsburg. I don't know if we'll go this route (or at lease, I'm going to get out of the newborn survival stage first), but it's great to have the choice. Diaper Kind seems pretty reasonably priced at $35 or $50 a week. You need to get set up with all the right gear first.

4) Parents & Babies Movies at Nighthawk Cinema
I couldn't find info about this on Nighthawk's site, but there is a Facebook group you can join.

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