Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Budapest, 2009

I have joined a pre-natal swimming class and it's fabulous. Ha! The picture above is not of me and my classmates.

For weeks I have been craving the feeling of being in the water but our only local option (until the outdoor pools open in a few weeks) is very municipal and kind of unappealing. Though I hear there is a Hasidic ladies' hour when they drape all the windows closed and you can get all the local gossip (I'm guessing a pregnant shiksa in a bikini might be pushing her luck by attending.)

So thank goodness for Aqua Beba. They teach classes for moms-to-be (and eventually, babies as young as 4 months) at a few local condo buildings with pools. It's kind of like Aqua aerobics, so makes me feel somewhat geriatric, but it's so nice to bob around in the water and have that feeling of weightlessness. I've been doing plenty of walking and yoga since the beginning, but it's nice to float around and feel that all the pressure is off of your joints.

Our instructor has a one month old son whose first (assisted) "swim" was at 2 weeks old. Amazing.

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