Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Warriors

Williamsburg, 2012

We ping-ponged between 4 or so social gatherings this weekend: a birthday, a brunch, dinner with some out of town friends, roof top lounging, Best Pizza, and the like.

Oh, and we sort of kind of started to tackle the mess that is our room full of boxes. Will tackled some DIY around the apartment while I was up at 5 this morning with moving plans swirling in my brain. Today is all about washing and packing bedding and winter clothes.

All things considered, I think I am faring pretty well for someone in my "condition." Okay, after 5 + hours at a biergarten, I was fading, mainly because it's hard to sit on a bench for that long with your core muscles apparently off on vacation. But mainly it was lovely to catch up with people and pack a lot in in anticipation of a chaotic few weeks.

We spent Sunday with friends who have kids. It's funny to be on the cusp of all of that, while still feeling a little protective of our last child free summer.

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