Friday, June 1, 2012


New York, 2012

I am here to state the obvious. It's June...The Bump informs me I have 69 days to go...

Of course, I know that in reality the baby could come in 6 1/2 weeks or 10 1/2 weeks and be considered full term either way. I have to adjust to dealing with that level of uncertainty. Wheeeeeee!!!

I don't have a baby 'bucket list,' per se, but when Will gets back I am hoping we get to spend some good one on one time together before we become a family of three. Our babymoon seems ages ago now. With all that's going on it can be tempting for us to hunker down to save money and conserve energy, but I also want to make the most of dinners a deux before we have to factor a babysitter into the mix.

And, completely off topic, but did you know that a newborn has 20/400 vision? And that my vision, without contacts, is 20/600? This means my little guy will most likely have much better vision that I do.

Maybe I should get myself one of those black and white mobiles.

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