Thursday, May 31, 2012

Check Up

New York, 2012

Will left bright and early this morning for a wedding in Los Angeles. I am really sad to be missing out on the adventure but with so much going on this summer, two 6-hour flights in four days seemed like a lot to add to the mix. I have no doubts that I could have pulled it off, but a few weeks ago we just decided he should go solo this time. My husband is basically a professional wedding guest so I have no doubt he will have a blast.

I then headed to one of my routine doctor's appointments. 30 Weeks! From now until 36 weeks they are every 2 weeks, and after that, they are every week.

My doctor's office is a group practice, and so today I met a new doctor I really liked and we chatted quite a bit about my hospital visit. She said that 40% of the women who use our practice deliver naturally, which was part of what drew her to it. I haven't ruled out an epidural but that's not my preference, and I was glad that she said that they really don't push it if you don't want one.

It's amazing what a difference a doctor's demeanor makes to your level of confidence in this whole process.

Afterwards, I walked a mile in the sunshine to the L train and headed home for one of my freelance sandwiches.

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